About the Academy

Dearing Leadership & Coaching Academy

A message from Joel Dearing…..

“Academy” according to Merriam-Webster “a school that provides training in special subjects or skills”.   The Dearing Leadership & Coaching Academy will:

First and foremost, provide practical and useful training to coaches and leaders in athletics through a wide variety of services: blogs, clinics, seminars, webinars, captain training, coaching staff programming, and formal mentoring.

Secondly, offer leadership training programs through seminars, key note addresses, motivational speaking in public and private school assembly programs, and small business or corporate settings with emphasis on the following subjects:

  • Team building
  • Team cohesion
  • Communication
  • Motivation through empowerment
  • Discovering a personal leadership style

Finally – respond to the ever changing demands and challenges of coaching and leading with innovative delivery systems that allow clients to actively participate in an educational process that challenges their thinking, requires reflection, and empowers the possibility of change for all the right reasons.